We are creating a happy world
where people and nature live together.

Bosung creates urban spaces where people and nature harmonize and residential spaces that give happiness to life, as well as developing and supplying clean energy for a better environment in the next generation.

We are creating value through innovation by pioneering new paths in various fields, focusing on real estate development, construction, and energy.


The First Developer
that paves a new path in the real estate and energy sector.

A company that creates a space in life where people and nature are in harmony

A company that presents a future of clean energy as a total solution provider for development, construction, and operation.

A company that is creating new values in the gas industry based on terminals.


Bosung realizes a better future based on endless challenges, passion, and creativity.


Unstoppable spirit of challenge that overcomes failure to help the company grow indefinitely.


A strong passion for dreams and goals that creates a new future.


Create better value with endless creation for humanity.


Bosung, a people-centered company, creates new values through continuous innovation and practices sharing for a happier society.


Bosung respects people and is people-oriented. A place where we design the future, and dreams and ideals come true, that is where we work.

Creating Value

Bosung creates future value through continuous innovation. It's our spirit, the endless challenge of a hundred-year company that constantly thinks about the future.

Social Contribution

We practice sharing as a member of society. It is our culture, sharing so that everyone dreams of a happy society and continues to practice sharing on their own.