Hanyang Tower

A new start for 100 years, opening a new era at Bosung Group Hanyang Tower.

  • Location
  • Building Size
  • Structure
  • Project Period
  • 12, Beobwon-ro 11-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Six basement floors and 13 floors above ground
  • Reinforced Concrete
  • 2016.02(Purchase of land) ~ 2019.05(completion of construction)
  • Building Area
  • Total Area
  • Building Coverage Ratio
  • Floor Area Ratio
  • Site Area
  • 4,019m² (1,215pyeong)
  • 2,057.80m² (622pyeong)
  • 40,896.50m² (12,371pyeong)
  • 51.20%
  • 593.50%

Firm Image of the Company

The bamboo, which symbolizes the character, uprightness, and dignity of a nobleman, is embodied on the face of the building to express the image of integrity of the enterprise.

One-Stop Office

A one-stop office can be realized in a building that meets the needs of all employees by combining various functions, from start to finish of the workday.

Green Office

The building reduces facility management and maintenance costs by actively introducing design techniques for realizing sustainability, such as eco-friendly low energy consumption. Through this, the working environment is greatly improved through securing economic feasibility and connecting with natural scenery and green areas.

High-Tech Office

The building improves usability by building a variety of devices and environments needed for business activities. It also fully meets the conditions of a state-of-the-art premium building by applying a system that recognizes and responds to users and a system that responds to changes in work types and organizations.

hanyang landscape

Story of the Landscape of Hanyang Tower

Solaseado and the Garden of Morning Calm

The "Hanyang Tower" contains a vision to turn the southwestern coastal "Solaseado" into a garden city where people and nature can harmonize, and it features a garden created using its office building for the purpose of training. It contains Hanyang's determination to increase the value and weight of a garden in the construction sector in the future. 'Solaseado' is a 'future smart city' development project jointly promoted by Hanyang and Jeollanam-do, who possess the land for business. The development site is located in San-myeon, Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do, and its area is measured at around 6.34 million pyeong, which is 8 times the size of Yeouido. Earlier this year, Hanyang hired Lee Byung-chul, former director of the Garden of Morning Calm, as the head of the landscaping division of Bosung Group (Hangyang headquarters) to create a garden-based "solashido." The motto of 'Hanyang Tower' landscaping shows its value through the 'Solaseado City' development model. The rooftop garden of the new headquarters of the "Hanyang Tower" was inspired by the poem "Ouga" by Gosan Yun Seon-do. We wanted to continue that spirit by capturing the symbolic material in the garden, which expresses the unique nature's dignity, such as the unwavering greenness of the pine tree and the integrity of the bamboo.

A Bamboo Garden with the Sound of Wind

Bamboo, which symbolizes integrity and fidelity, retains its green leaves throughout the year and grow straight despite being hollow inside. Throughout history, there has been a saying "like a piece of bamboo," which means maintaining principles and beliefs without compromising on injustice. Bamboo, which is often called "songjuk" together with the pine trees, has been long considered to be one of the Four Gentlemen and Ten Symbols of Longevity in Korean culture. It gives a sense of unity with the bamboo stems that are connected with the strong vertical lines of the building. One bamboo tree is a line, but when the lines gather, it forms a forest. The level difference is given through mounting, making the bamboos look like a small mountain from a distance, and the flow of the ridge naturally leads to the line of pine trees standing next to it. The stretched lines of bamboo give the building a sense of unity, and symbolically represent the group's expanding growth and development, and the spirit and harmony of its employees. It is also intended to make you feel like you are entering a different world where all the scenes and sounds of the gray and stark urban space disappear when you enter the fresh bamboo forest path.

A Pine Garden Filled with Hopes for Growth and Development

Pine trees are considered familiar to the Korean people because of their twisted shape which resembles the many years of the Korean people's struggle. Pine trees are always in harmony with nature, whether it rains or snows, windy, or calm, and it even appears in the national anthem. Like a nobleman, the dignity, integrity, and never-changing green color fills the building.

rooftop garden

A Rooftop Garden with a Cafe-like Atmosphere, a Space for Relaxing, and Creative Ideas.

Working for a company with a lot of plants increases the happiness of its members and improves productivity.

Hanyang Tower's rooftop garden is an exclusive space for internal employees, and it is a space where you can relax and create creative ideas. We tried to apply plants that could not be easily accessed normally, and we planted many grass-type plants with a soft texture that does not get tiring on the eyes with exotic colors. In order to cool off the eyes during a brief break to relieve fatigue from work, we formed a bamboo-drawn facade and arranged the plants in a way that it does not become boring. The spatial composition overcame the monotonous floor plan construction of the rooftop through the change of floor packaging materials, patterns, and leveling differences. The simple plant box of metal materials maximizes the spacing effect through the placement of parasols and outdoor furniture so that it can be used as a place for communication with a modern feeling. Also, with 145m of track space for light walking, the upper canopy is made of solar panels that can provide shade, and the floor is made with artificial turf. The boundary of the resting area is planted with bamboo, which can serve as a buffer zone, providing a variety of attractions in all four seasons.