Major Affiliates

Hanyang Corporation

Becoming the energy of the future

Hanyang, which has been painting the history of construction, now paints the future of Korea's energy. We will build a better future with eco-friendly housing development for everyone with nature.

Bosung Corporation

Creating value beyond space - No.1 Developer

Bosung Corp. leads the trend in the real estate market and offers a new direction for the real estate industry with differentiated strategies and strong executive ability. Making space more valuable and abundant is the value of development pursued by Bosung Corp.

Southwest Coast Enterprise City Development

Blue City Solaseado

Solaseado, a retirement-free city where cities and industries grow together and share and enjoy the future ahead. We will create a future civilization city that becomes the standard of a global smart city.

Pine Hills / Pine Beach

Leisure Sports Solution Provider

It will grow into a mecca of the world's leisure sports industry by realizing the infinite value of the industry with sports projects that utilize nature such as golf courses and marinas as well as other recreational activities, leisure, and MICE.

Construction / Energy

Northeast Asia LNG Hub Terminal
Gwangyang Green Energy

Comprehensive Real Estate Development

Bosung Corporation
Korea Asset Management
Cheongna International Financial Complex
Cheongna CTTower
Boseong Industrial Development
Saemangeum Tourism Development

Smart City / Leisure

Southwest Coast Enterprise City Development
Pine Beach
Pine Hills