Ethical Management

Background Behind Ethical Management

Ethical management is a business spirit that pursues transparent, fair, and reasonable performance in every business activity.
Bosung Group strives to fulfill its social responsibility and contribute to the development of society by placing 'business ethics' as its top priority.

Changes in the domestic environment Bosung, which was aware of the social responsibility of the enterprise from the start, recognizes it as an essential element of corporate management and uses ethical management as a core element to strengthen corporate competitiveness.

Changes in the international environment We implement exemplary ethical management in line with the standards of ethical management centered on ISO, EOA, etc.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Legal Responsibility

    Responsibility for corporate management within the societal rules established by the law

  • Ethical Responsibility

    Responsibility to meet the expectations and demands of society, although not legally formulated.

  • Economic Responsibility

    Responsibility to produce and sell socially necessary products and services at an appropriate price, thereby continuing the enterprise and creating a profit margin that can be compensated to investors.

  • Charitable Responsibility

    Social responsibility of participating in charitable activities such as cultural activities, donations, and volunteer work, which are not directly related to management activities.

Ethical Management Pursued by Bosung Group

Bosung Group practices fair ethical management to establish itself as a company trusted by
society and customers through transparent and fair management.

Composition of Ethical Management

  • Code of Ethics

    Basic values, beliefs and declarative meanings of ethical management

  • Code of Conduct

    Specific actions for the practice of ethical standards

  • Pledge of Action

    Practice that executives and employees should observe among ethical standards and regulations

  • Investor

    We enhance the value of the company and Project to generate the higher value of the revenue for investors.
    Based on our market insight and business analysis, we strive to minimize business risk and maximize profits.
    Through constant innovation and efficient management, we increase the value of our company and Project, and share our achievements.
  • Business Partner

    We pursue a win-win relationship with our partners through our years of business experience and professional system.
    As a reliable business partner, we achieve excellent results through mutual respect, consideration and trust.
    We work with our partners to develop and coexist.
  • Community

    We walk together with our local communities.
    We seek benefits of local residents by establishing social infrastructure.
    We contribute to revitalizing the local economy through development projects.
    We practice sharing through social contribution activities and projects that support culture and arts.
    Community development and improvement of the residents’ lives are business values pursued by the Bosung Group.
  • Customers

    We continuously satisfy our customers to gain trust and ultimately develop together with them.
    We create space for a prosperous and happy life.
    We communicate with customers at all times and actively reflect their opinions in company management.