Social Contribution

Purpose of Establishment

Contributing to the future of the country by bridging the educational gap between individuals, regions, and classes for the benefit of society.

Target Projects

Scholarship projects for creating realistic educational opportunities for the underprivileged / Benefits to create a welfare-friendly

Foundation Overview

  • Name Bosung Scholarship Foundation
  • Establishment Permission December 2011 [Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education]
  • Location 4th floor of Bosung Building, Seoseok-ro 85th Street, Dong-gu, Gwangju
  • Organization 1 chairman, 4 directors, 2 auditors
  • Assets 4.2 billion KRW in total [500 million KRW in cash, 3.7 billion KRW in stocks]
  • Basis of Establishment Laws on the Establishment and Operation of Public Interest Corporations
  • Basis for Operation Related regulations and articles of association on the operation of the Bosung Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship Foundation Vision

  • Bosung Talent Scholarship Fund Mentoring / Community

    · Discovery of talent and continuous scholarship programs
    · Provide engine for growth as future leaders

  • Education Welfare Scholarship Fund Study Room / Guidance Teacher

    · Improving the educational environment for low-income people
    · Providing new opportunities through sharing

  • Academic Research Support Fund Research Paper

    · Support for research funds in areas essential for social development
    · Humanities, engineering (energy), and real estate

Scholarship Foundation Strategy

  • 01 Improving the Operation System of the Scholarship Foundation Establishing an operational system based on efficiency and transparency – financial management/policy establishment/execution management

    Realization plan - Establishment and operation of a Steering Committee
    - Organization and operation of advisory committees for each fund
    - Discussion on the financial improvement of the scholarship foundation with the Bosung Group finance team twice a year

  • 02 Development of Education and Welfare Model Standardization of selection criteria and support measures
    Follow-up management of study room support

    Realization plan - One-on-one alliance program with children eligible for study room support and employee of Bosung Group

  • 03 Establishment of Scholarship Mentoring System Linkage between students and staff of Bosung Group / Activities between students and Bosung

    Realization plan - Operate a 1:1 mentoring program for scholarship students and Bosung Group employees
    - Operation of volunteer work programs linked to scholarship with students and Bosung employees

  • 04 Establish a Partnership with Sponsoring Companies Secure long-term sponsorship contracts and additional sponsoring companies
    Link outstanding talent to Bosung Group

    Realization plan - Briefing session on foundation scholarship projects for group affiliates
    - Providing job plans to scholarship students who wish to join the company

  • 05 Scholarship Recipient Community Creating synergy through mutual information exchange

    Realization plan - Operation of joint social media for scholarship recipients
    - Operation of regular scholarship recipient meetings

Volunteer Group

Bosung has established a Volunteer Group to promote a sound corporate culture through the social return of corporate profits and voluntary social contribution activities of all employees and has carried out various volunteering activities.

  • Date of Establishment

    December 17, 2004

  • Purpose of Establishment

    By participating in community service activities and practicing love for neighbors, we want to learn the spirit of helping each other and create a corporate culture full of trust and affection.

  • Organization

    All executives and employees of Bosung Group

Social Contribution Activities

  • 01Activities to Help the Underprivileged The sincerity of executives and employees who participated in the love-sharing campaign is becoming a beacon of light in a dark society.

    · Providing heating and rice for local seniors living alone
    · Providing food for the elderly living alone in Gwangju
    · Financial and event support of the Namdong General Welfare Center for the Disabled in Incheon and the Sakhalin Korean Welfare Center

  • 02Child and Youth Sponsorship Activities We support the dreams of children and teenagers suffering from financial difficulties.

    · Sponsor a race to support the cost of treating children with cancer and leukemia.
    · Joint implementation of projects to support scholarships for youths from low-income families in Gwangju
    · Donate mobile food carts and provide free meals

  • 03Travel and Experience Sharing Activities We do various hands-on activities with the disabled.

    · Workday experience with the physically or intellectually disabled
    · Wheelchair support and outing events at social welfare facilities

  • 04Coal Briquette Donations Our employees directly deliver coal briquettes with love to neighbors in need.

    · Deliver coal briquettes to the elderly and families living alone

  • 05Global Social Contribution Activities Along with Lotus World, an international relief organization for children, we support the operation of a children's center in Cambodia for children who have no parents or have a difficult family environment.

    · Support for living expenses (food, etc.) and tuition fees
    · Support for local orphanages' daily necessities

Acts of Mercy Society

We are taking a step forward, dreaming of many things big and small for an open world where everyone lives together in harmony.

It is a community of people who understand the beauty of sharing together. The Acts of Mercy Society is a sharing community where many grateful people who want to share their hard-earned money and possessions for our neighbors and society gather together to create heartwarming moments and hope.
It is a community that aims to develop a beautiful continuous sharing and volunteer culture. Rather than making an impulse donation from a moment of compassion and sympathy, it is necessary to make continuous and daily donations and participate in volunteer work. The Acts of Mercy Society creates a healthy donation culture and a spirit of volunteer participation that we should all have.
It is a small but beautiful and meaningful community that does its own work. There are marginalized neighbors around us. And even at this moment, there are people who continue their beautiful sharing and participation activities for their neighbors and society. The Acts of Mercy Society is an open space for those who want to help their needy neighbors and participate in volunteer work, and bring the community together.